Camile Le Fay
"I have nothing I care about other than Cora"
Hair Brown
Eyes Dark brown
Height 5'10
Age 29
Nationality French
Wand Arm Right
Family Cora Le Fay
House Ombrelune
Year -
Wand 12", Ebony, Dragon Heartstring
Blood Half-Blood
Patronus A tiger
Boggart Claude Hugo
Amortentia Wine, Brimstone and Cinnamon

About Camile Ombrelune crest and banner
Camile Le Fay is a descendent of Morgan Le Fay. It is very distant, but she's a member of their family. She is the 'French Dark Lord'.

Her young life is unknown to all except Claude Hugo. All that is known about her school life is that she was in Ombrelune. When she was 17, she met Claude Hugo, and instantly fell for him. Not long after he broke her heart, causing her to go bad. She attempted to kill him, but he escaped. She killed the woman he had cheated on her with, and gained followers. Now 29, she has a daughter called Cora Le Fay aged 12, and is the most famous French dark witch ever.



Camile has long, dark brown hair and brown eyes. She is considered beautiful by some, as she has inherited her mother's good looks. She stands at 5'10"


  • She was in Ombrelune
  • She's one of the most famous dark witches of all time
  • She has a daughter
  • She's still in love with Claude Hugo
  • Her model is Mila Kunis


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