Bellefeuille crest and banner

Bellefeuille is well known for bravery, sensitivity, loyalty, and love of nature. The house colour is green and the house is symbolised by five leaves. The students that are members of this house are lovers of nature with a strong sense of bravery and loyalty to all they hold dear to them. These students are caring and sensitive to people's needs around them. They are hard and efficient workers and are characteristically book smart. The students sorted into this house think the necessities of life are what is important they prize family and friends above all else. Bellefeuille students often feel a strong connection with nature, are caring and kind to animals and respect all aspects of flora and fauna. They often have a good and quick perception of the emotions around them, know how to act accordingly in most situations. Bellefeuille students are realists through and through. May it be that they are not the smartest, they surely get their work done. Those of Bellefeuille usually find physical activities more enjoyable than those that require logical thinking, and are often skilled with their hands, knowing how to craft different things.

Bellefeuille crest

The Bellefeuille Common Room. The Bellefeuille students live in very small private rooms on the Bellefeuille Girls' Dormitory Hall and Bellefeuille Boys' Dormitory Hall.

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