Océane Cécile Fontaine
Part-Veela Witch
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Océane Fontaine
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Skin Fair
Height Tall
Birthday December 11
Age 16
Ethnicity French
Accent French
Languages French, English
Home Fontaine Household
Species Part-Veela, Witch
Wand WIP
Blood Part-Veela
Patronus White Peacock
Boggart Becoming someone she is not
Family Clémence Fontaine (Mother)

Gérard Fontaine (Father)
Félicien Fontaine (Brother)

School Beauxbâtons Academy of Magic
House Bellefeuille
Handedness Left
Blood type Pure-Blood


Océane Cécile Fontaine was born to Clémence and Gérard Fontaine in a small town outside Paris, France. Her parents were both writers for a magazine. Clémence is a Half-Veela who met Gérard, a wizard, in Paris, and found out that they both lived in the same own outside the large city. There, in Paris, France, they fell in love. The two got engaged very soon, just seven months after they met. Two weeks before Clémence and Gérard's wedding, Clémence found out she was pregnant. The couple was delighted. After they were married, they moved up as head editors for their job, and were relocated to Paris, in the city. For a while, the family lived in an apartment, but moved to a big house once they had the money, and Océane was a year and a half at the time. Just a few days after the move, Océane's brother, Félicien, was born.


Océane is very kind, and loves making new friends. She's not afraid to be different. Océane is also smart, but it's pretty natural. She easliy gets good grades, but school and being smart is not something she really focuses on, even though she hopes to never recieve a bad grade. Océane is also determined, she will never give up on something important, no matter what it takes. She is noticed by many boys because of her looks. This might bother some people, but Océane thinks it is fun to flirt with them, and tends to easily fall in love.


Being Part-Veela, Océane is naturally beautiful. She has pretty brown hair that has just a hint of red in it, making it seem auburn in the sun. Her eyes are a chocolate brown color. During the winter, she can seem very pale, but easily tans during the summertime.


Her first name, Océane, means ocean. Her middle name, Cécile, means blind, this resembles her love for boys, and how their features sometimes get in the way of their real personalities.



Name Relation Thoughts/Feelings
Clémence Mother She is closest to her mother, who loves her and seems to understand everything she goes through.
Gérard Father She loves her dad very much, although sometimes he can be strict. He seems to bring out the confidence in her.
Félicien Brother They fight like all siblings, but she really loves her brother. They are always sharing advice with each other, being very close in age. She is very protective of him.





  • Both her wand arm and the hand she writes with is left.
  • She falls in love too easily, and boys are the only thing that she tends to trust too easily.
  • Her family is Pure-Blood, but they are not Blood-Supremacists.
  • Because she was born in France, she has a pure French accent.
  • Her favorite class is Astronomy.
  • The Fontaine family plans to spend the majority of the next summer in Britain, so she has been working on her English a lot, lately.