Adélaïde Jeanne Charpentier
Astronomie Professeur
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Professeur Adélaïde Jeanne Charpentier
Hair Ginger
Eyes Grey
Skin Fair, freckled
Height Average
Birthday May 31
Age 36
Ethnicity French
Accent French
Languages French, a little Corsican
Home Corsica
Species Human, witch
Pet Grégoire (Crup), Luce (Owl)
Wand Cedar and dragon heartstring, 12 ½ inches
Blood Muggle-born
Patronus Nighthawk
Boggart Failure
Family Madeleine Charpentier (Mother)
Isaac Charpentier (Father)
Pierre-Louis Charpentier (Brother)
Brigitte Delacroix (Wife)
Hugues Delacroix (Adoptive son)
School Beauxbâtons Academy of Magic
House Ombrelune
Handedness Right
Blood type O-


Adélaïde Jeanne Charpentier was born in east France, at the foot of the Alps, to a muggle family. She had 1 sibling: her brother Pierre-Louis who was 4 years younger than her. Pierre-Louis was killed in an automobile accident when he was 6, which scarred the whole family. One year later, a wizard from the Ministry came, and explain to them about magic. This explained those things that had happened throughout Adélaïde's childhood that they had never quite been able to explain, but it also left the question: had Pierre-Louis been magic too? They still don't know, and probably never will.

Adélaïde attended Beauxbâtons, returning home each summer. At the beginning of Adélaïde's seventh year, she began going out with Brigitte Delacroix after almost a year and a half of being too shy to ask her.

After graduating, Adélaïde spent the better part of a year abode; traveling and see the world. When Adélaïde returned to France, she lived on Magique Île for a while. Two years later, she and Brigitte got married. They left the island and got an apartment in the wizarding community in Paris. They lived there for a while, and nothing notable happened until Hugues.

Hugues was their nephew, Brigitte's brother's son. At the age of 5, Hugues was taken out of custody of his parents due to domestic issues fueled by alcohol abuse on the part of both his parents. Adélaïde and Brigitte offered to adopt him.

They moved out of their little Parisian apartment and to Corsica, as they both really did like the Mediterranean island feel, but had no desire to return to Magique Île. They bought a house that had some wizarding neighbors, and moved there with Hugues and their also-just-adopted crup Grégoire.


Adélaïde is a quiet, bookish sort, but also a dreamer, and very passionate about what she cares about. Her quiet, serious demeanor hides her stubborn strength.


Adélaïde has ginger hair that's somewhat wavy. Her eyes are a fair jade colour, and she has light freckles on her cheeks that show up in the summer.



Some of Adélaïde's most cherished childhood memories are of when her and her papa went camping and he taught her the constellations. And when she started Beauxbâtons, Astronomy was her favourite class, past because she just plain loved it, and partly because it was a muggle subject too, and the crossover was comforting to the muggle-born girl.